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Stop by the writing center at Room 99 during any block so a trusty junior or senior tutor can help you with your paper. 


Alternatively, you can share your paper with on a GoogleDocs for a tutor to edit electronically.

About the Writing Center


The Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School Writing Center is a partnership: between students and faculty, between the history and English departments, and between our school and the community.  The most supportive, experienced, and skilled junior and senior writers become writing tutors. In this role, they guide and encourage student writers from the high school, as well as members of the faculty and the community at large. Students who utilize the writing center will improve their writing pieces and, by extension, their experience and affinity for the writing process.


Ultimately, the writing center is a place where writers can write, learn, and collaborate with other writers.


The staff at the writing center helps students:

• Clarify assignments

• Review previous papers and struggles

• Find a paper’s focus
• Discuss teachers’ comments and advice on previous papers
• Determine a paper’s audience
• Understand strategies for future papers
• Read aloud to discover inconsistencies
• Help students develop their grammar, citation, research, and           reflection skills

• Come to grips with the difficulties of writing

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