What's Up Teachers!!!

This page is for you!

You may be wondering, how can the writing center benefit you? or What ways can you utilize the writing center and its tutors?   Well, hopefully this answers some of your questions.

How Does the Writing Center Benefit You?

  • We lighten the burden of your load! You can pass your students' problems off onto us!  

  • We help reinforce what you've taught your students in class.

  • The Writing Center can be a great source for peers to help other peers, which helps to lighten your load.

  • Basically, we are those "other pair of eyes."  It's always beneficial for someone to get a second opinion and it helps ease the teacher's mind if he/she is the only person that his/her students go to.

How Can You Utilize the Writing Center? 

  • Incentives!!! You can encourage your students to come to the Writing Center by requiring them to come and have a peer edit session in order to either get extra credit or an extension on their assignment.

  • You can use us as allies against the force of all things literaryily incorrect!  You can email us your students' common problems and we can be on the look out for them when peer editing with them!

  • Our goals are the same: we want to help students be the best that they can be!  But we also want your help to help us be the best tutors that we can be.  So, feel free to email us with any suggestions or concerns! 

  • Use us in your class!  Tutors are a great resource for in class peer-editing/brainstorming.  We can go around and help students, which benefits you, especially if you have a large class. 

Contact Information:

Contact r.pape@hwschools if...

  • You have any suggestions/concerns/postive or negative feedback(Mind you, we love positive feedback!)

Contact edfundwritingcenter@gmail.com if...

  • You want to email common problems with students such as trouble with developing a thesis and claims, or you can email individual papers for us to look at in advance.  We're here to help you and your students!